Portable Diesel Fire Pump

Phoenix D2000

Diesel Portable Fire Pump 500 GPM with Steerable Trolley
Mfg.: Phoenix Firepumps – New Zealand

portable fire pump 500 gpm
Phoenix D2000 Portable Fire Pump 500 GPM Diesel Engine

Test Demo :

Pump Specifications:

  • Type: Centrifugal Fire Pump
  • Flow performance: approx. 2000 LPM @ 7 Bar, at 3 meter suction lift
  • Suction inlet: 4 inch with BSRT or STORZ adapter
  • Discharge: Twin Swivel Globe Valve, 2.5 inch Instantaneous or Storz adapterĀ 
  • Volute Body: LG2 Bronze for salt-water resistance.
  • Impeller: LG2 Bronze for salt-water resistance.
  • Pump shaft: Stainless steel.
  • Wear Rings: Long Wearing Acetyl, Economical to replace
  • Shaft Seal: Spring loaded Mechanical Carbon Ceramic
  • Priming: Exhaust eject primer, the pump will prime 3 metres in 20 seconds and to a maximum of 7 metres.

Diesel Engine Specifications:

  • Diesel Engine Model 4JB1
  • 4 Cyl, inline diesel, OHV, Direct injection, naturally aspirated,
  • Water-cooled engine through heat exchanger,
  • Compression ratio 18.2:1,
  • Power 57 kW (76 Hp) @ 3600 RPM,
  • Minimum fuel consumption at full load 230g/kWh.
  • Electric starting
  • Fuel tank made of stainless steel integral 16 litre capacity, for at least 1 hour at maximum throttle opening and load.

Operating Panel Controls:
Controls are easy to operate from one location and include:

  • Outlet pressure gauge
  • Compound intake gauge
  • Flexible Halogen night light
  • Hours run meter
  • Water Temperature Gauge
  • Battery Voltage Meter
  • Oil Pressure Gauge
  • Fuel Level Gauge
  • Push Button Start
  • Automatic engine pre-heat for cold starts
  • Mast light

Frame Type: Stainless Steel
Dimensions (LxWxH): 1020 x 605 x 760 mm
Dry weight: approx. 321 kg (incl battery)


  • 4 EA Hard rubber suction hose, 4 inch diameter 2.5 meter length with BSRT or STORZ hose coupling
  • 1 EA Suction strainer with non-return valve (foot vave) made of aluminium alloy
  • 2 EA Spanners for couplings suction hose

Author: Tatang

Marketing and sales engineer PT.Menara Sukses Gemilang

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