Sthamex AFFF 3% F-15 #4341

sthamex afff 3% f-15 #4341

STHAMEX AFFF 3% F-15 #4341
Mfg.: Dr. Sthamer – Hamburg

STHAMEX AFFF 3% F-15 #4341 is a synthetic, aqueous film forming fire extinguishing foam concentrate, based on surface active agents.
Special surfactants, fluorinated components and freeze protection characterise the composition of this outstanding product.

♦ DIN EN 1568 Certificate No.: KB-290/14, Part 3 (Heptane): IB/IB, Part 1: Medium ex.—
♦ ICAO Airport Services Manual, Low expansion foam — Level B
♦ IMO MSC.1/Circ. 1312 non-polar (Heptane)

STHAMEX AFFF 3% F-15 #4341 forms foam very readily and is used for both low and medium expansion foam applications.
The film forming and re-ignition preventing ingredients of STHAMEX®-AFFF 3% F-15 #4341 provide for extremely fast and effective extinction especial-ly when used on class B fires.
The aqueous film formed out of the draining foam solution spreads extremely fast and enhances the flowing properties and burn-back resistance of the foam.
The extinction time is reduced considerably and the fire source cooled.
The aqueous film even extinguishes areas scarcely covered with foam and prevents re-igniting of areas, where the foam layer is ruptured.

The foam is stable and in combination with the aqueous film, it forms a lasting, gastight layer on flammable areas. Due to its high foam density a long throwing range can be achieved.
The foam is oleophobic, i.e. it does not pick up fuel and is therefore particularly suitable for “sub-surface” foam application.
On hydrocarbon products STHAMEX® AFFF 3% F-15 #4341 can be applied as non-aspirated, aqueous solution by means of e.g. water monitors, water sprinklers, deluge systems etc.
STHAMEX® AFFF 3% F-15 #4341 is not suitable for use on polar solvents, e.g. alcohols.
STHAMEX® AFFF 3% F-15 #4341 does not contain silicones.


  • Used at 3% concentration and applied with all standard low and medium expansion foam equipment and fixed foam installations especially for class B fires.
  • Can be applied using water monitors, water sprinklers or deluge systems.
  • Seawater, brackish water and treated industrial water do not affect the out-standing fire performance.
  • Used in petrochemical industries, on airports and in on-and offshore areas.

Sthamex AFFF 3% F-15 #4341
Physical properties and technical data:

  • Recommended induction rate: 3% low expansion foam/ medium expansion foam, non-polar liquids
  • Foam expansion* (according to EN 1568): 5 – 10, low expansion foam* and 60 – 120, medium expansion foam*
  • 25%/50% water drainage time* (according to EN 1568): 2-4 minutes / 4-8 minutes low expansion foam* and 1-3 minutes / 3-5 minutes medium expansion foam*
  • Colour: colorless to yellow
  • Viscosity: at 20°C < 10 mm²/sec and at 0°C < 20 mm²/sec and at -15°C < 50 mm²/sec
  • pH value at 20°C: 6,5 – 8,5
  • Frost resistance -15°C
  • Note: * Foam expansion and drainage times may vary, depending on foam equipment and operating pressure

Shelf Life
>10 years, if stored according to our recommendations (see technical info leaflet TM014 ‘Storage of Synthetic Fire Extinguishing Foam Concentrates’).

Available in jerrycans, plastic drums, iron drums, pallet containers (totes) and in bulk.
1 pail @ 25 liters

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