Hydrant Pillar

2-Way Hydrant Pillar 4 Inch

Local Pabrication


Hydrant Pillar

        • Body material :  Carbonsteel, 4 inch Pipe Sch. 40 Seamless, A106 Gr.B
        • Inlet :    4 inch Flange ANSI 150# RF
        • Outlet :  2x 2.5 inch Flange ANSI 150# with Storz or British Instantaneous or NHT Coupling adapters, caps and chain
        • Valve :    2.5 inch AWG Landing Valves (fire valves) with 30° outlet, brass material
        • Design pressure : 15 bar
        • Test pressure :     22.5 bar
        • Flow rate:            33 l/sec
        • External:   Coat Polymade Epoxy Polyuretane
        • Internal:   Tar Epoxy Coated
        • Finish:       Fire Red RAL 3000
        • Gross weight: approx. 90 kg
        • Local fabrication


        Hydrant Pillar
        hydrant pillar

        Hydrotest Pressure



        • Hydrotest pressure


        Hydrant Valves

        • AWG Landing Valves (Fire Valves) with 30° Outlet
        • Body and bonnets made of brass
        • Hand wheel red made of aluminum alloys
        • Outlet: 2.5″ STORZ coupling adapter, aluminum alloy, complete with blank caps and chain.
        • Inlet: BSP male threaded G 2½”
        • Connection inlet with flange 2,5″ B16.5 ANSI 150# FF A105, paint finish red color.

        hydrant pillar
        Hydrant Valves – Landing Valves


        hydrant pillar
        Hydrant Valves – Landing Valves


AWG Fittings & Fire Equipment

AWG Fittings GmbH

AWG Fittings & Fire Equipment yaitu pabrikan yang memproduksi khusus produk alat peralatan dan perlengkapan pemadam kebakaran yang dirancang dengan desain khusus agar pas ditangan dan aman bagi petugas pemadam kebakaran.

Produk AWG Fittings Fire Equipment

Dapat diklasifikasikan sebagai berikut:

  • Sambungan Coupling selang pemadam tipe Storz System, Instantaneous British Standard BS 336, MultiLug System
  • Adapter Coupling tipe Storz to male/female BSP thread, instantaneous male/female to male/female BSP thread
  • Nozzles Pemadam berupa Turbo nozzles, Pistol nozzles, HS nozzles, Heavy foam nozzles, Jet/spray branchpipes, Jet/spray branchpipes with water curtain, Water shields
  • Perlengkapan Pendukung Pemadam berupa Dividers, Siameses, Suction strainers, Foam Inductors, Medium foam nozzles, Adjustable foam nozzles, CAFS nozzles, Ejector pump, Bilge turbopump, Hose washing attachments, Standpipes
  • Landing Valves

awg fittings

Produk AWG Fitting GmbH

Sesuai dengan semua standar internasional, sebagian produk-produk AWG Fittings & Fire Equipment sebagai berikut:


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