Ground Fire Monitor 500 GPM

Portable Ground Fire Monitor 500 GPM
Brand : AWG
Manufacture : AWG Fittings GmbH
Country of origin : Germany


  • Ground fire monitor portable.
  • The APF 2-TurboFighter, weighing approx. 10 kg, is a lightweight portable ground fire monitors, ideal device for mobile use.
  • Monitor type Alco Power Fighter APF 2-TurboFighter.
  • Swivelling range: Horizontal ±40° and Vertical +20° to +60°.
  • Both the vertical and horizontal swivelling directions can be locked in any position.
  • Horizontal adjustment with handle.
  • Vertical adjustment on nozzle.
  • TurboFighter supplied with an integrated ball valve for shutting off.
  • The special supporting legs provide stability in use and complete with safety rope.
  • Materials monitor body made of aluminium alloy, seals NBR and standard parts stainless steel.
  • Paint finish powder-coated, red (RAL 3000).
  • Maximum pressure: 16 bar.
  • Inlet: 2x 2.5 inch, adapters coupling connection on request.
  • Outlet: 2.5 inch complete with multi-purpose nozzles type MZ or MZV.
  • The MZ nozzles can set flow rate  500 GPM at 100 Psi (factory set for fixed flow).
  • The MZV nozzles flow rate is 2000 LPM at 8 bar, adjustable from 600-2000 LPM in steps of 200 each, change of jet shape and change of flow rate possible according to the preset pattern or continuously.
  • Multi-purpose nozzles (full jet/spray jet, wide spray approx. 100º) are equipped with a baffle which deflects the flow of extinguishing agent at the nozzle outlet so that it comes out through a ring-shaped slit.
  • Manual change between full and spray jet.
  • The nozzles made of aluminium alloy.
  • Compatible with foam concentrate.
  • Colour black anodized.
  • Throw distance (full jet position) with angle of approx. 25º to 30º at 8 bar operating pressure is approx. 50 meter.

ground fire monitor

ground fire monitor
Ground Fire Monitor Portable


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