AWG Foam Nozzles

Brand : AWG
Manufacture : AWG Fittings GmbH
Country of origin : Germany

The foam inductors are designed to feed foam concentrates at a set mixing rate into the hose line. Inductors are placed in the delivery line between the pump and the foam nozzle and can be used for medium- and also for heavy foam nozzles. The injector system creates a vacuum in the body of the inductor and the foam concentrate is picked up via a suction hose ND 19 with a Storz 25-D coupling. At the foam inlet Storz 25-D adapters are generally mounted. A mixing rate between 0% and 6% is possible.


  • AWG Foam Nozzle is the air aspirating design makes the heavy foam nozzles suitable for use with all low expansion foam concentrates; protein, fluoroprotein, AFFF, and AR-AFFF.
  • The nozzle shall be constructed of light weight materials with pipe nozzle in stainless steel, protection ring and handle in rubber and ball valve shut-off in aluminium alloy.
  • Recommended working pressure at the inlet is 3-5 bar.
  • Nominal size: S2, S4, and S8 to be operated with AWG foam inductor Z2, Z4, and Z8.
  • Flow rate: 200 LPM (S2), 400 LPM (S4), and 800 LPM (S8) with pressure at the inlet is 5 bar.
  • Throw distance: approx. 23 m (S2), 26 m (S4), and 36 m (S8).
  • Size inlet: 2-1/2 inch
  • The connection type instantaneous coupling, Storz coupling or on customer’s request.
  • Can operates with fresh or sea water.
foam nozzles
Low-expansion foam nozzle
Medium-expansion foam nozzle
Adjustable-expansion foam nozzle
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